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Gain National Recognition for Health Care Energy Savings!

Managing a health care facility is hard work. It’s important to celebrate when you and your team achieve substantial energy savings that improve your organization’s bottom line – all while benefiting the environment and greater community.

The Energy to Care awards celebrate facilities accomplishing sustainability goals that will pave the way for environmental stewardship, social equity and fiduciary responsibility in their health care organizations to support healthy, equitable and resilient environments and communities maintained over time.

In its inaugural year (2006), ASHE awarded 9 facilities with this prestigious award. These awards have grown to over 250 recipients in 2020!


Why should you participate?

Energy to Care has helped thousands of facilities across the country save substantially on their energy costs with our dashboard. Designed to reduce user burden, the dashboard is easy to use and only takes about 15 minutes a day to impact around half of your facility’s budget! The dashboard includes a number of features that will provide added benefits to Energy to Care participants, including:

  1. Clean and simple interface
  2. Customized information for ASHE members
  3. ENERGY STAR® data options
  4. Energy and cost data widgets
  5. Utility bill fault detection

By participating in an Energy to Care award program or engaging in an ASHE Chapter Challenge, you can gain the recognition your team deserves and help your organization promote its commitment to sustainability!

To get started using the dashboard today, click here.


For the full 2022 Energy to Care awards criteria overview, please download the PDF file at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Energy to Care Helpdesk at

Celebrate the Energy to Care 2020 award winners!

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